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    spoon rings

    all of our spoon rings are created with vintage silver plated flatware
    note the tarnish, scratches and wear
    only enhance the character of the piece in out view,
    we also consider our silver plated items to have
    what would be known as a 'brushed silver' look
    as we use very fine steel wool to clean our plate
    we do NOT polish to a shine as we & our customers
    typically prefer the vintage look,
    however, you may shine your purchase up
    with any silver polish if you desire the glowing silver look
    we do however, give them a 'quick wisk '  cleaning before they go out to you
    all sizes are 'ish' as we are horrible at sizing ...
    so basically don't hold us to the size
    we kind of are of the mind set of
    what you see is what you get ♥